The MOHC is a radicalized fundamentalist Christian organization with the agenda of completely removing the influence of the Machine over humankind and, ideally, eliminating all Artificial Intelligences.

The Holy Cross’ primary means of carrying out their objective is to neutralize the human agents of the Machine and destroy any robotic or AI presence they can. They have a strong fear and distrust of any robot or autonomous system of any kind and will not tolerate their presence.

Membership in the Holy Cross is drawn largely from extremely politically conservative Evangelicals, but it also has a large quantity of Jesuits and a smattering of other denominational representatives. Due to this ecumenism, the organization is not monolithic, and individual cells maintain strict security. Only a few members of any given cell are likely to know someone from a different cell.

The MOHC has been implicated in numerous bombings and acts of sabotage, and on at least a few occasions, members have assassinated key figures in AI research.


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