Circuit Breakers

Next Time on Circuit Breakers:

DIRECTOR CONNOR is watching MCKEW connect a data cable to BOBBY. On the other end of the cable is one of The Machine’s black-and-grey soldier robots.

In Division’s secure vault, ELLA’s server rack sits alone in the middle of the floor. There is the whir of a fan, and lights on the panels turn on.

Back to MCKEW and BOBBY. MCKEW is watching a visual record of SIMIAN and BOBBY in the aftermath of the battle at General Dynamics. CU on MCKEW.
Bobby? What’s this? What did you do?

TANG is signing for a delivery. He takes his package inside and opens it.
p=. TANG
Hey! This isn’t what I ordered!

An overhead shot of a combined force of police and black-and-grey robots being overwhelmed by a mob of citizens.

DIRECTOR CONNOR answers his phone.
Yeah, I’m here.

Pan up from CONNOR, and we see that he’s standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial. We pull back to see him walking through the National Mall, surrounded by hundreds of tourists. Armed black and grey robots are sprinkled throughout the crowd.